Japng - Java APNG Comand Line Tool

The japng.jar can also be used as a command line tool. It requires Java 5.


Usage: java -jar japng.jar <options>

-out <file>          The name of the output file (required)

-frames <file1>,<file2>,<file3>...
                     The names of the PNG files to use for the frames.
                     Instead of specifying all frame files on the command
                     line, <file1> can point to a plain text file containing a
                     list of frame specifications. Each line in the file
                     represents a frame specification of the form:
                     <framefile>; <display>; <dispose>; <blend>
                     Only <framefile> is required per line.

-display <millis1>[,<millis2>,<millis3>,...]
                     The display times for the frames in milliseconds.
                     Default : 1000 (1 sec.)

-dispose <dispose1>[,<dispose2>,<dispose3>,...]
                     The disposal operations to perform after each frame.
                     dispose : [none|background|previous]
                     Default : none

-blend <blend1>[,<blend2>,<blend3>,...]
                     The blending operations to perform when painting each frame
                     blend   : [source|over]
                     Default : source

-play <number>       The number of times to play this animation.
                     Default : 0 -> infinite looping

-skipFirstFrame      Don't show the first frame on APNG-aware viewers.
                     Default: Always show first frame.

-silent              Suppress console output.
                     Default: Some assembling information is printed.

-version             Print version.

Example usage 1:
java -jar japng.jar -out test1.png -frames 1.png, 2.png, 3.png -display 500

Example usage 2:
java -jar japng.jar -out test2.png -frames framelist.txt

Contents of framelist.txt:
1.png; 1000; none; source
2.png; 1500; none; blend
3.png; 2000; none; blend